Team Collaboration Facilitation

Process effectiveness is increasingly recognized as being dependent upon flexible, timely, cross-functional efforts.  As companies strive to meet customers' expectations, they are challenging many of the traditional views of organizational design, functional groupings and hierarchical command and control.  Teams that understand customers' perspectives, and that collectively accept responsibility for the performance of whole processes, face a critical challenge to rise above their functional barriers and collaborate toward a shared goal.  

Conard Associates, Inc. promotes a powerful collaboration methodology.  This methodology emphasizes three elements:
1)  Analysis of problems or opportunities to define an appropriate scope and to determine necessary cross-functional and cross-hierarchical team participants.  

2)  Facilitated face-to-face work sessions with cross-functional teams who share responsibility and leadership to achieve an consensus-based team charter.  

3)  Commitment to a set of Operating Agreements that outline a code of conduct for team work sessions, and accountability to debrief against these agreements at the conclusion of work sessions.

We will help you put problems or improvement opportunities into organizational perspective, determine optimal team compositions, teach key collaboration concepts, and facilitate teams to unprecedented levels of effectiveness.  Our collaboration methodology has proven highly successful across a wide variety of organizations, particularly those requiring high levels of functional and/or international alignment. 

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