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Conard Associates adds value to the achievement of your business strategies by helping you optimize the design and management of your core business processes and motivate the people who perform them.  We can help you design a Performance Excellence architecture for your business, and assist you with the design, development, integration, implementation and management of its many components.  

Our range of consulting services is designed to help you to achieve two critical goals:

1)  To help you evaluate your organization, its leaders and performers, and its core business processes, and design a Performance Excellence Architecture that will optimize human performance in your company.

2)  To help you design and implement a tailored Change Management program which will enable your organization to develop and implement the changes required to achieve your Performance Excellence Architecture goals.  

Our services include:

Performance Excellence Audits

Change Management

Applied Behavior Management

Process Management

Performance Excellence Initiatives

Performance Measurement

Team Collaboration Facilitation

Behavior Management Training

Process Redesign Facilitation

Executive Coaching / Leadership Development

Project Management Facilitation Executive Search Assistance
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