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Two forces are driving the imperative for change in today's organizations.  The nature of work is becoming more complex and globally competitive, with speed and cross-functional collaboration increasingly critical factors.  Equally important, the nature of the workforce itself is changing.  Today's performers are well educated and better understand their relationship with their employers.  Facing a shortage of talented workers, companies today must attract, retain and motivate performers who have many options.  These people expect to understand the competitive strategies of their business and to participate in determining how best to achieve them.  They have tremendous potential to add value to the competitive capabilities of their businesses, but this potential -- which is often stifled or overlooked -- must be unleashed and motivated.

Conard Associates is an experienced management consulting organization that helps companies prepare for world-class competition.  We add value to your business strategies by helping you to optimize the design and management of the core processes of your business and to motivate the people who perform them.  We help you design a Performance Excellence Architecture for your business -- and we help you design and implement a custom Change Management program to get you there.  By combining our expertise in improving human performance with leading-edge methods for process design and management, we have developed a highly effective Change Management Model that provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to change.

Using our comprehensive Performance Excellence Architecture as a template, we help you assess your organization's strengths and improvement opportunities.  We assist you to develop and implement a process and performance improvement strategy that will deliver substantial bottom-line gains in customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, quality and productivity.

The backbone of Conard Associates’ Performance Excellence approach is its understanding of human behavior in the workplace.  In today’s knowledge-based businesses, the most critical assets are human. Gaining discretionary performance from those human assets increasingly represents a business’ competitive edge.  We work as hands-on facilitators with your organization to analyze, design and implement major improvements to your business processes.  We actively promote the development and transfer of knowledge and skills.  And we create buy-in from your organization to embrace changes that will make your business more competitive.  We help you assess, attract and develop leadership essential to your organization.  

Rod Conard is the company's founder and principal.  He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Management and Organizational Management.  His experience includes over twenty-five years in positions of management, applied research and management consulting.  Conard Associates has served clients in industries including high technology, health care, financial services, insurance, higher education, basic manufacturing, real estate, construction, retail and wholesale, venture capital and not for profit.

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