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Effective leadership is essential to any competitive business, and is particularly critical during Change Management initiatives.  As organizations move toward World-Class competition, they must adopt many new and challenging approaches.  If organizations are to compete with global leaders, customer-driven, process-oriented competencies are essential.  These skills are notably distinct from traditional, functional and hierarchical orientations.  Frequently, companies find that new leaders are needed, and, occasionally, some executives find themselves unable to achieve, or unwilling to embrace, the substantial changes that are required.

Conard Associates has helped many companies identify their executive management needs and locate, evaluate and recruit highly talented senior-level individuals into their organizations.  Our approach to this service is highly consultative, to ensure we have an in-depth understanding of our clients' needs and the competencies that are most essential to their business success.  Our consulting relationship with our clients ensures that we are motivated -- as their partners -- to bring in individuals who will make notable value-adding contributions to their businesses, not just to make quick placements.  We follow a highly accountable methodology to systematically explore all sources for the most highly qualified candidates and to thoroughly examine the qualifications of candidates and their fit to our clients' organizations and business strategies.

In particular, our combined experience with Applied Behavior Management and Change Management initiatives enables us to discern and evaluate the competencies that are essential for world-class leadership.  We understand the essential components of today's competitive framework; but even more important, we understand how human behavior - especially leadership behavior -- underlie competitive success.

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