Organizational Competencies

While principles form the foundation for a world-class culture, actual performance depends upon developing and demonstrating competencies which reliably promote those principles.  We can help your organization develop seven core competencies which connect people and processes to produce world-class performance.  Once these competencies are fully understood, an organization can better focus its efforts on employee selection, performance improvement and skills/career development.

These competencies, which are directly derived from Performance Excellence Competitive Principles, emphasize customer-focused, process-oriented logic.  Management activities for both processes and for performers strongly support this logic. 

1     Customer
Focus on anticipating and satisfying customer needs
2     Core-Process
View the business as a collection of deliverables-producing   processes
3     Cross-
Organize the business to optimize process flows and promote shared responsibility
4     Collaboration
Promote shared responsibility and team efforts
5     Empowerment
Enable in-process problem-solving and decision-making
6     Process
Systematically apply process controls, measurement and cross-functional management to process performance
7     Performance
Empower, support and reinforce value-producing human performance
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