Optimizing Human Performance

The backbone of Conard Associates’ Performance Excellence approach is its understanding of human behavior in the workplace. In today’s knowledge-based businesses, the most critical assets are human. Gaining discretionary performance from those human assets increasingly represents a business’ competitive edge. 

Six conditions are essential to obtaining optimal human performance:

Business Commitment People need to personally understand and buy-into customer and business goals.
Core Process Redesign People need to participate in designing - and implementing - effective and efficient operating processes.
Cross-functional Teaming People need to collaborate readily across functions to perform and manage those processes.
Direct Process Control People need to take direct, in-line responsibility to perform processes reliably as they are designed.
Performance Measurement People need to constantly monitor the results of their efforts and make adjustments.
Behavior Management People need to receive positive reinforcement for behaviors which add value to the achievement of business and customer goals.


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