Process Management

Defining and carefully designing the core business processes of your company is essential to your ability to deliver goods and services competitively to customers.  But process design is only the beginning.  Cross-functional process management teams must be created and empowered with problem-solving and decision-making responsibility.  Cross-process consistencies and efficiencies must be examined.  Process controls and process performance measurements must be defined, enabled, implemented and maintained.  These are all elements of the fundamental performance architecture promoted by Conard Associates, and they require careful integration.  

Conard Associates' process management approach emphasizes behavioral specificity of process mapping so that performance requirements are clear.  It examines process-flow dependencies to help you determine the essential points for process performance measurement.  Our question-based measurement approach ensures you will not become encumbered with data collection, analysis and reporting beyond what is really needed to manage the process effectively.  We incorporate a dynamic method of process control that allows you to increase or decrease the quantity and frequency of such activities in response to the reliability of the process.  

Our Process Management Team methodology helps you define the appropriate membership for effective process management teams.  It ensures that a cross-functional view is maintained to ensure the performance of the process as a whole.  It promotes effective prioritization of resources, and it enables processes to access all resources necessary to their performance.

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