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Perhaps the most common complaint among process improvement initiatives has been that the organization refused to accept new methods, and good ideas were never successfully implemented.  Too often, people think that once a problem has been solved or process improvements have been designed, they are done.  The fact is, no benefits will be obtained until the solution has been implemented and is being performed and managed effectively.   

Solving this problem requires a strategic approach which recognizes the many steps which must be followed to ensure buy-in and successful adoption of new methods.  Preparing an organization for changes, developing new elements, pilot testing new procedures, training process participants, and ensuring and integrating new procedures into management routines are all essential elements of change management.

Conard Associates can help you plan and manage projects to develop required components of process redesigns, and we can help you develop and execute a strategy which will promote the successful implementation of new processes and procedures into your organization.  

Particularly important, we understand the important steps which must be taken to ensure that people learn and adopt changes.  We also understand how management processes must be modified to complement and reinforce new work processes.

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